Copenhagen, I miss you

Spring is here! It’s such a pleasure to live in California where spring does arrive, compared to Copenhagen where it was always a little dicey as to when the skies would part and the sun would shine.

Regardless of the weather in Copenhagen, I find that I miss the city. I was just there for a short visit and had all the feelings. I miss my friends, the familiarity of the place and the general ambiance. I’m still not familiar with Irvine, where we live and need the GPS to go to the grocery store.

My new book, The Copenhagen Affair, which will be released this September is my love letter to this city that made me feel at home. It is very much my Copenhagen with the restaurants and areas I like to frequent.

Recently a colleague of mine was going to Copenhagen with his girlfriend and asked me to plan a day for him, which I did. If you’re traveling this summer to Scandinavia, here is one day, obviously from a “foodies” perspective.


Møller is a hip and cool restaurant in Norrebro. You can walk up to Ryesgade, which is close by where they have plenty of antique shops and my favorite cocktail/sushi place Izikaya Bar.

Head out to Torvehallerne where you MUST have a confit de canard sandwich and after get coffee at the Coffee Connection.

Make it special at the Michelin star, Studio and top the evening with some jazz at The  Standard.

Check out 1105, which has the BEST COCKTAILS in the city. The bartender has even won various awards

Of course, there are museums to see and you can spend a day in the Black Diamond (the library) admiring its many curves and books. But walking around the city, cafe hopping when the sun is shining and the sky is blue is the best way to enjoy Wonderful Copenhagen.

Amulya Malladi