How Author Amulya Malladi Wrote Away Her Blues @WomensFictionWriters

A few years ago, I became sad.

I stopped writing. This was no ordinary writer’s block; this was writer’s block stemming from having no feelings at all, an entirely different thing. I didn’t care much that I didn’t write. I was so miserable at my marketing day job that I had become indifferent to it. My marriage was not tip-top either because I hadn’t told my husband I was sad. I was faking it at home but invariably the cracks were showing.

I started writing when I was 11 years old. I can now look back and see that I started to write stories as a way to step away from real life into a fantasy world. I became an author to get away from a difficult childhood – and not because a story beckoned me and asked for it to be told. This is a pattern I have repeated my whole life to the point that in my heart, I know that if there isn’t a story that I’m working on, then I am miserable – by definition.

But this sadness I experienced a few years ago was different. It was the big bad black – the real thing – the nasty.

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Amulya Malladi