And then she said, "I don’t think I’m good enough"

This is a cliché. But clichés come from somewhere, usually reality.

A male individual contributor was promoted to manager, even though he wasn’t entirely ready for the position. This manager, let’s call him Howard, is being promoted because the hiring manager believes in him. When the hiring manager is cautioned, he says, “If something goes wrong, it’s on me.” The thing is, if something goes wrong, it’s really not on him as much as the associates this new manager has to manage. Howard says he’s ready and he can do the job, no problem.

Now, let’s flip this. Instead of Howard, let’s say it’s Heidi. The hiring manager really believes in her. Heidi doesn’t do what Howard did and say, “Oh sign me up.” No, Heidi thinks, “Oh my god, I’ll have to manage all these people and be responsible for them. Can I do this? Am I really ready? Will I ever be ready?”

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Amulya Malladi