How Writing Stories Made Me A Better Corporate Leader

By Amulya Malladi

When business influencers talk about the top five qualities of a good leader, emotional intelligence (EQ) will be on almost everyone’s list. I think EQ is important, don’t get me wrong, but storytelling is a vital skill that hardly anyone mentions.

The one thing I learned from writing books, is that spinning a story is not a negative thing. When you present to large groups of people, they forget what you say; they remember how you make them feel. It’s the same with small groups of people and the same with one-on-one meetings, where you have an audience of one. Stories evoke emotions, they are sticky and stay in your mind, the data, the rote strategic statements disappear, but you remember the story. And, for a story to be effective, it needs to be authentic, a key quality a successful leader needs to have.


Amulya Malladi