Dear Reader,

I don't want to be a cliché, but where the hell did this year go? I mean, it was just January, my head was shaved, I was getting over depression and now…it is December, my hair is longer, and depression is a memory.

Life is not Facebook photos so it’s not perfect, it never is, but it’s pretty damn good. Now, if only I could get a publisher to say yes to my next book The Nearest Exit is Behind You…I can sleep again. My agent is hard at work and has told me not to give up hope, even though as the reject letters come in, it’s a knife through the heart, every time. After seven books, you’d think I would have an easy time selling the next one and next one…welcome to the world of publishing.

As someone with two careers, both of which I often feel I’m failing it (hello, imposter syndrome) I feel like, I’m always juggling. I would prefer to have just one career (because it would be easy) but to be truly happy I need both my corporate career and my writing career to work—that’s my balance. This is what I learnt this year, that I need both my careers and it was an epiphany for me. One that has made the way I make decisions much easier (if more complicated).

What did you learn about yourself in 2018? Share with me by email or on my Facebook page. Here’s to saying hello to 2019! May the coming year be brighter and better.

Lots of love!



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