You can now get Kindle versions of three of my novels: THE COPENHAGEN AFFAIR ($1.99), A BREATH OF FRESH AIR ($0.99) AND THE MANGO SEASON ($0.99) for less than what it costs to buy a latte at your favorite coffee shop. 

“A sharp comedy of manners and mental illness.” — New York Post (THE COPENHAGEN AFFAIR)

"The Mango Season touches on a very human conflict with delicacy and humor. Miss Malladi makes Priya’s ambivalence understandable and powerful. She resolves it well and with tongue-in-cheek wit…[This] is a lovely novel, filled with the small details and sensual evocations of life in India without neglecting the claustrophobic aspect of that life. The tug in Priya’s heart is genuine." - The Washington Times (THE MANGO SEASON)

"A Breath of Fresh Air is a complex exploration of love, recrimination and forgiveness…Malladi’s subject is…compelling: the survivors of the Bhopal tragedy remain neglected and angry after 18 years. [Malladi] was a child in Bhopal when the disaster happened and wasn’t affected because her house was upwind of the Carbide factory. The victims of the accident now total 14,000, a number Malladi humanizes by keeping her story intimate." — TIME


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